• Pigment Dispersion

Pigment Dispersion is well dispersed suspending material, which consists of good fastness pigment, auxiliaries and water. Used for textile printing, pigment dyeing and coating and so on.


Pigment Dispersion

E Series: pigment dispersion used for water-based coating 

E is a range of aqueous, binder-free pigment preparations. It is based on nonionic, wetting and dispersing agent and selected pigments with good weather fastness, inorganic and other polycyclic organic pigment like phthalocyanine, DDP, quinacridone, etc.

EI Series: aqueous pigment preparations, for water borne industrial coatings

They contain a mount of an acrylic resin as the carrier and neutralized with organic amine. Pigment in EI grade are well-choosed, inorganic and organic pigments, such as phthalocyanine, DPP, quinacridone, etc. EI grade can be used for the rapid production of all kinds of water borne industrial coatings(air drying and stoving).

ET Series: weak alkaline aqueous pigment preparations, for transparent coatings

Made from organic or inorganic pigments. These preparations are especially suitable for water-based transparent coatings.

MJ Series: water-based pigment preparations without resin, for printers

With introduced overseas advanced technology, imported all raw materials and the most advanced dispersing equipment, this nano-grade colorants are produced specially for ink-jet ink, used for producing pigment ink for all type of desktop and wide format printers.

M Series: water-based pigment preparations without resins, for ink

Which are made to meet special application performance products in ink industry.

PD Series: nonionic water-based pigment preparation, for pulp dyeing

Anionic dispersant and low foam wetting agent, adopt advanced production technology, without resins, suitable for pulp dyeing of color paper fiber and paper coating.

R Series: water-based pigment preparations without resins, for wood coating, stationery,etc.

They are processed by advanced production technology. Products of this series have high pigment content, good color strength, bright color, high gloss, even texture, good stability, low VOC, APEO free, small particle and narrow distribution, good chemical stability, good resistance to migration and decolouring, and have good compatibility. Widely used in the field of wood coatings, stationery, painting, toys, latex products such as coloring.

WD series: aqueous binder-free pigment preparations, for dispersion paint

Binder-free pigment preparations with good flowability, and uniform particle size distribution. It is based on nonionic, wetting and dispersing agent and selected pigments with good weather fastness, inorganic and other polycyclic organic pigments like phthalocyanine, DPP, anthraquinone, quinacridone, etc. WD pigment preparations are miscible in all proportions with each otherpersed. The main application fields of WD ranges are dispersion paints and renderings/plaster based on aqueous polymer dispersions.

CA Series: pigment dispersions exclusively uesd for water-based inks

Produced with high quality acrylic resins, adopting abroad advanced production technology. It’s color shade, color strength, viscosity are strictly controlled, with homogeneous texture and good stability, widely used in the production of various kinds of high grade water-based inks.