Product Name : Black M-200


Pigment Dispersion is well dispersed suspending material , which consists of good fastness pigment , auxiliaries and water . Used for textile printing , pigment dyeing and coating and so on .
1. Chemicals resistant      Acid resistance was determined according to GB5211.6-85. Assessments were against the 5-step scale, where 5 refers to the best. Alkali resistance was determined according to GB5211.7-85. Assessments were against the 5-step scale, where 5 refers to the best. 
3. The date of storage stability were determined with virgin pigment dispersions.
3. The date of fastness properties were determined with virgin pigment.
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Products Colour C.I.No Pigment % Solid Content % Particle Size um pH Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance  
Black M-200 Black P.Black.7 30 36-39 <0.3 7-9 5 5 Add
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